Sunday, January 02, 2011

China BansSkype And Other VoIP Services.

China Bans #Skype And Other #VoIP Services
Chinese government has announced that it is banning all VoIP services based outside. It seems China is trying to protect profits for the country's own telecomm companies, state-owned networks, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile. Chinese Telecomm companies have become very powerful given the massive numbers in their user base. Even though not very clear, people will be able to make calls over these company networks.
The new regulation bans calls from Skype or other VoIP services to land lines. But according to Skype, it's users in China are still could access Skype via Tom Online. Tom Online is widely criticized for monitoring online conversations foe "sensitive" materials.
Either way it will be a difficult task to control all VoIP IP Telephony calls, even though Skype calls to landlines could be controlled by blocking PSTN gateways within controlled networks.
Neither Telecomm companies nor Chinese government has responded to calls from various news agents and journalists.


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