Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Android On CR-48 With LUIGI, The CR-48 Firmware Toolkit.

Google Chrome Notebook Running Android
#Hexxeh, #luigi, #CR-48 Frimware Toolkit
Looks like CR-48 is getting Android on it thanks to Hexxeh the Android Hacker. It is not just talks but he provided the photo above to prove that he got Android running on a Google Chrome notebook CR-48. But he also mentions that it is not complete in a twitter conversation with some enthusiasts.
It is not hard to believe if you have been following his CR-48 Firmware toolkit Luigi. Well I have and If you are one of those lucky ones who got the Google Chrome notebook or planing getting one, you should too. At least you will learn how the system work.You can see the video below to get some information on it but follow him on his blog to get future information as it is an ongoing project.
One thing I like about the LUIGI is that Hexxeh provided a way to go back to the original firmware if you gor bored with custom OS or you need to keep to the terms of Google Contract.


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