Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin For Eclipse IDE, Honeycomb, Updates Galore.

#Android Development Tools ( #ADT ) Plugin For #Eclipse IDE
There are some goodies and instructions how to go about using them at Android Developers site. With the ADT plugin, one can easily setup Eclipse to manage all the Android Projects.
ADT plugin in revision 9.0 (January 2011) now and you need have SDK Tools R9 installed in order to run /use it.
This release brings many improvements to the Visual Layout Editor but;
  • Navigation improvements: In the Layout Editor, double-clicking Views jumps to the corresponding XML element. In the Outline view, double-clicking opens the Properties view.
  • The editor has Honeycomb style animation preview support.
  • Improved rendering support for various Views (such as TabHosts and SlidingDrawers) in Honeycomb (Issues 3162 and 13092).
  • Included layouts can be rendered and edited in the context of the layouts that include them. From a layout using an  tag, double-clicking on the element edits the referenced layout in the context of the current layout. Additionally, when editing a layout that is included by other layouts, you can quickly change between context layouts, by right clicking in the editor and choosing Show included in.... This feature is only available in Honeycomb.
seem to be my favorites as we are traveling in the direction of Honeycomb now. For a sneak peek at Android 3.0, Honeycomb, watch the video, below.

There are many bug fixes as well and according to the information, even Windows users could be smiling, "The SDK manager is more reliable on Windows" :)

There is good documentation on installing / updating the ADT Plugin on the Android Developer site. Follow the link below for a direct jump.
Eclipse ADT
There is blog post on the Android Developer bloger as well,  Android 3.0 Platform Review And Updated SDK Tools.


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