Thursday, June 10, 2010

Windows Phone Seven Marketplace Will Be Porn Free, Microsoft.

Windows Seven Phone Marketplace
Windows phone 7 market place seem to be teaming up to serve all of us. Microsoft seem to have learned from Apple's porn fiasco and they preemptively saying not to porn in apps. That is not only what they seem to have learned. The membership for developer program is $99 and for that the developers will be able to place unlimited paid and upto five free apps on the marketplace. If they want to post more than five free apps, they need to pay, $19.99 each.This might help to weed out junk applications easily.
Statement about adult related content on ACR;

 3.6 Adult Related Content
Content not allowed:
Sex / Nudity – Images that are sexually suggestive or provocative (e.g. sexually provocative touching, bondage, masturbation); provocative images that reveal nipples, genitals, buttocks, or pubic hair.
Content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content (images, text, or audio).
Content that generally falls under the category of pornography.
Content that depicts or suggests prostitution.
Content depicting sexual fetishes.
Content of a sexual nature depicting children or animals.
Just like Apple developers share the profit with Microsoft, following the same 70/30 split as the Apple store.
Microsoft has published a application certification requirements that need to be followed by developers.
Another difference is Microsoft is not offering an alternative for private app developers, all need to go through the marketplace, at least for now.


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