Friday, June 25, 2010

Vopium Gets A Capital Investment And A Bigger Partner, Raghuvinder Kataria.

Vopium Gets A Capital Investment
When we wrote about Vopium, a Mobile VoIP company, we knew it has promise. So has some big names in the telecommunications industry.
While we are jumping up and down about the new iPhone's Antennae, Vopium is Jumping up for another reason. They have secured a $16.5 investment from  an Indian investor, Raghuvinder Kataria.  Mr. Kataria has with his own investment company invested $16.5 million in the Danish company and has become the majority shareholder of Vopium.
Mr. Kataria is known for his Telecomm investments. Bharti Tele-Ventures is one such company, he invested in and now Bharati Airtel is one of the lagest mobile companies in the world.
Opium is also benefiting fro iPhones popularity and during the last couple of months they have reached 4,000 downloads a day of their iPhone App. Vopium currently have 250,000 users across 49 countries,
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kataria said;

”Vopium has developed its own new market. The ground-breaking technology will reach millions of users all over the world in the next few years. Our expectations are reflected by the significant amount of money that we have invested in the company and we expect 10 million Vopium users in a few years. We believe that the market demands an alternative mobile solution to Skype and the fast market penetration of smartphones opens up new and more intelligent ways of communication. Vopium’s solution is unique because it offers the best conversation quality and is easy to use,”
“Vopium is growing every day. Every month we get 30 percent more customers. And this number will grow even more once our international expansion starts rolling. Our biggest markets today are Scandinavia, the UK and Australia, but our product is installed on mobile phones in 49 countries. The capital increase should primarily secure the ongoing growth globally,” added Vopium’s CEO Tanveer Sharif. 
Vopium is by growing 30% a month according to the company. With the new investment, they will be able to boost this growth even further across the different supported platforms incl. Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and PC/web.

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