Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPads Are Eating Up Network Capacity!

Now that millions of iPads are all over the place, are you wondering about their network usage? You are not alone and cloud based wireless network provider Meraki utilized its Network Insight fingerprint technology to analyze the network usage at an MIT installation. At this location Meraki found iPad usage has been consuming more than one-half of the network’s capacity, while iPads only accounted for just 9% of the total devices attached to the network. 
The research found out that average iPad user consumed 300MB  during the week while iPhone users averaged 31MB and that of iPod Touch 12 MB.  

“There is incredible excitement around the iPad, yet network administrators are eyeing it with caution,” said Kiren Sekar, Product Marketing Manager at Meraki. “After the iPad’s well-publicized DHCP renewal bug, as well as the potential for significant bandwidth consumption, administrators need visibility into their networks to see the iPad’s impact and to support their users. Meraki’s enhancements to Network Insight make this simple.”
Another factor is that if this is the average usage of bandwidth, iPad users better sign up for AT&T's  new 2GB data plan because, the cheaper 200MB will easily be used up by the iPad before user know it.
iPad fingerprinting is available immediately for all Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller customers.
Meraki Press Release


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