Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bria For Linux, MAC, And Windows, A SoftPhone, From Counterpath.

Bria SoftPhone For Linux, MAC, And Windows http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Counterpath has released a new softphone client, Bria for multi platforms. The client runs on Linux, MAC OS X and Windows. This should relieve administrators trying unify communications on enterprise desktops comprising multiple operating systems. Counterpath Softphone clients have been adapted by many corporate entities.
Highlighting the Bria for Linux;

"The addition of Linux highlights CounterPath’s commitment to ensuring that our softphones are robust, scalable and feature-rich, working across any platform, including both desktop or embedded, the market for VoIP applications is a growing market segment for CounterPath as we steadily expand our hardware and software offerings as the new Bria for Linux demonstrates.” ” said Todd Carothers, vice president of product management, CounterPath.
In addition to desktops the Bria for Linux will also run on embedded products ranging from voice terminals and mobile handsets all the way to set-top boxes.
Bria for Linux features include support for:
  • Multiple VoIP accounts
  • Ubuntu 9.10 & 10.04, the world’s most widely used Linux distribution
  • A wide variety of codecs, including G.711 u/aLaw, iLBC, Speex, Speex WB, GSM, DV14, DV14 WB and L16 PCM WB
  • LDAP
  • Echo cancellation, reduced background noise, automatic gain control (AGC) and other mechanisms that enable clear, lifelike audio
  • DTMF via RFC 2833 and in-band/out-of-band DTMF
  • Speakerphone
  • Provisioning server
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