Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Calls On Thanksgiving Day From TruPhone.

Free Calls On Thanksgiving Day

If you are unable to visit with your close ones for this thanksgiving day, there is at least one consolation. TruPhone is providing free calls for 12 hours on Thanksgiving day. All calls made to US landlines or mobiles, using Truphone, will be completely free;

Call anyone
You can call any US landline or mobile/cell phone(US only, Canada is not included)
Call everyone
Make one call, make several calls. You can make as many free calls as you want, within those 12 hours.
Open to all
Whether you're new to Truphone or already using it, you can make free calls, no matter where you are.
No changes
You don't need to buy anything or change your settings, to make free calls on the day.
The Free Calls on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, November 26th 2009, will be available between midday and midnight GMT. You need to vary of the time and Truphone has a tool to find the right time slot for your time zone. For an example, mine, which is Pacific Standard time zone will have free calls from From: 04:00 (Thursday 26th) To: 16:00 (Thursday 26th). TruPhone has provided a tool to find the correct time slot on their site. (Follow the link below)

So say Happy Thanksgiving day to as many as you want!


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