Friday, November 13, 2009

Dell Launches "DELL Mini 3i" (Ophone Mini 3i), Android Based Smartphone

DELL Mini 3

All the speculations and leaked news about Ophone Mini 3i that we spoke about earlier was confirmed by Dell today. But Dell has China and Brazil in it's vision of target, both which are ripening mobile markets.
US and Europe are awash with smartphones from Apple, HTC, Motorola and the market is pretty competitive but China and Brazil are very much open for the game.
“This signals an important milestone in the long term partnership between China Mobile and Dell, We are excited for Dell to be among the first manufacturers to introduce new technology based on the OPhone platform. We look forward to working with Dell as it brings innovative new products and services to add value to our customers’ lives.” said a China Mobile spokesperson.
Brazil also has a large cosumer base that could be tapped to elavate the Dell's offering.
“As a leading innovation company in Brazil, Claro is proud of being the first wireless carrier in the world offering the 3G version of Dell’s smart phone. This confirms the Brazilian market strength and Claro as a leading actor in introducing new technology products and services to the country”, said João Cox, president for Claro.
 But there might be Dell Smartphones in US as well, Dell has agreements with AT&T and Verizon for mobile devices. There was news that Dell will build a phone for AT&T last month.
I think Dell has made a smart move with it's smartphone!


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