Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Broadcom Open Sources Voice Codecs To Sets Phase For HD VoIP.

Open Source Voice Codecs
 Broadcom Corporation has announced that it is offering its BroadVoice® family of voice codecs royalty-free and without any licensing fees to developers and users of VoIP products. According to a press release, Broadcom is releasing both its wideband and narrowband BroadVoice codecs in both floating-point and fixed-point C code as open source software under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), version 2.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
The release of voice codecs in to Open Source, Broadcom enables HD voice-over IP (VoIP) applications to be enhanced and the higher quality audio experience to be available to wider audience.
Some of the details and the key facts;

  • Broadcom developed the BroadVoice family of voice codecs with two variants including a 32 kb/s version called BroadVoice32 for wideband (HD) speech sampled at 16 kHz, and a 16 kb/s version called BroadVoice16 for narrowband telephone-bandwidth speech sampled at 8 kHz.
  • BroadVoice advanced voice codecs reduce the latency, complexity and bandwidth usage on a wide range of wideband and narrowband voice applications including voice-over-cable, voice-over-DSL, Ethernet IP phones, Wi-Fi VoIP phones and software-based VoIP client solutions. Additionally, for VoIP applications, distortion and echo are also reduced.
  • BroadVoice is available on Broadcom’s cable, DSL and VoIP system-on-a-chip solutions enabling manufacturers and service providers to improve the customer’s audio experience.
"We are seeing an increase in the number of requests for HD voice support from service providers who want to differentiate their telephony services from their competition. By offering high performance and highly efficient BroadVoice voice codecs royalty-free, we are enabling manufacturers and service providers to transition to HD VoIP as a means to significantly improve their customers' audio experience.". said Senior Vice President & General Manager, Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group, Dan Marotta on the occasion.
 Broadvoice codecs


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