Friday, November 13, 2009

AT&T Gets Back At Verizon On Ads

AT&T Coverage

AT&T today responded to Verizon ads regarding coverage. I have tried to look at AT&T's coverage map that the press release but there were no maps of 3G coverage, yes I get Edge connectivity. (If AT&T meant 3G by data, good for them). But I still have reception problems here in Bay Area, CA. and waiting for better voice connections!So I know how AT&T coverage works and I do not know how Verizon does because I do not have any personal experiences with them. It does not matter to me how Verizon advertises, (Until my contract runs out! with AT&T)
Oh I like them DROID ads :)  and how the DROID is beating iPhone!
Follow the link to see AT&T's points or excuses, here is the press relese.


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