Friday, July 31, 2009

TechCrunchs Arrington Drops iPhone And Pickup Palm Pre!

TechCrunch drops iPhone for Palm Pre

I was wondering when is this going to happen and if the cost and inconvenience is not a factor, I think many would follow Arrington.
I absolutely love Google Voice and thanks to my multiple phones and accounts, I am using Google Voice, on all my phones.
Apple, I will jailbreak if I have to, because it is my phone, I paid good money making your financial statements, both Apple and AT&T look great in this hard times, and I want Google Voice or any other apps that does not break law on my phone. I am not looking to blow cell towers, I want to make my life easier and depend less on you to run it.
EFF free your phone initiative, here is the food for your case, Apple and AT&T wringing users necks with their profits and monopolistic practices keep poping up. Unlike Apples lame mass destruction argument, (which I have given Snap VoIP, tag because it is so unique) you can have a good argument just with this Google Voice Gaga. How Apple and AT&T uses it's high handedness to stifle users and developers. Yes Google is big yet it is a developer for iPhone. If not for Google Voice, this may have not come to light. How many other developers get rejected under the radar just because it is not ringing along with AT&T and Apple.
Arrington, good move! Jailbreak the bloody phone with Ultrasn0w and let us know how to run Google Voice On Jailbroken iPhones. Tell us more about Palm Pre as well.
And Apple, if you continue to do this, you might end up with iPhone 3Gi, your hands will be free, to scratch what ever you scratch when you think.
Mike Arrignton on quitting the iPhone!


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