Monday, July 06, 2009

SIP Trunking service From FreePBX.

SIP Service From FreePBX

If you are a user of FreePBX, an Asterisk based IPPBX, the folks at FreePBX have gone one step further and now providing SIP Service for FreePBX and Asterisk based system users.
With many people, SOHO and SMBs going the way of Free IPPBX systems like FreePBX or other Asterisk Based systems, there were SIP Service providers mushrooming everywhere, and sometimes did not stay beyond a life span of a mushroom.
People were always in search of better SIP Service for their business and unlike the Free SIP Service Providers for personal systems, these are business looking for stability and support at a professional levels.
FreePBX, together with long time corporate sponsor of FreePBX, has created a new FreePBX branded SIP Trunking service delivered on’s network. The goal of this project is to provide seamless interoperability with FreePBX and instant activation of the service so that people will have their telephony service, as soon as they setup their FreePBX Servers..
The teams initial offerings will target the commonly requested Unlimited 2-Way SIP Trunk service complete with one or multiple DIDs on an account and E911 enabled service across the US. This will cost you only, $24.99 a month! DID and Toll free numbers will cost extra but for the cherry on the cake, read the next paragraph.
If you have been paying through your noses for incoming DID numbers, get this, The new service only charges $1 per month per line! So you can get any number of incoming DID numbers at this rate. Toll Free numbers are prices at $2 a month.
We always have been fans of FreePBX and now we have a bunch of other reasons to be so. So if you are looking for cheaper SIP Service with incoming DID lines, follow the link below and register.
FreePBX SIP Service


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