Friday, July 17, 2009

Elastix 2.0, An In Depth Look

Preview of Elastix 2.0
I was pretty excited about Elastix 2.0, the beta I am trying and working on, I went and voted for Elastix at SF Community Choice Awards. I really like what they do with the project. Even though I tried to write about Elastix 2.0,there is a very nice writeup on the Elastix site.
It explains how; Elastix 2.0 and its major components like;

  • Asterisk 1.6
  • Elastix Operator Panel release
  • Meeting / Presentation sharing
  • Advanced reports
  • Improvements to the Call Center Module
  • Better integration between all components
play major roles in the upcoming release. Enjoy.
A Preview Of Elastix 2.0


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