Wednesday, July 22, 2009

iPhone Kills It's First Human! iKiller

A prototype at that according to the news. Just imagine what a real thing could do. According to a very thought provoking article on CrunchGear, I learn that a man named Sun Danyong, has apparently committed suicide. Because of an incident related to iPhone.
Shanghiist published that rumors are flying FOXCONN, the iPhone manufacturer has basically lead a man to commit suicide.
"Sun Danyong, who had been handling a shipment of 16 iPhone prototypes, was set upon by Foxconn's Central Security Division after one of the prototypes went missing. Unable to take the "unbearable interrogation techniques," he jumped from a 12-story building on July 16.

Foxconn has already issued a statement apologizing for the incident and admitting that ah section chief of the Central Security Division, surnamed Gu, may have used "inappropriate interrogation methods" such as searching Sun's house, holding Sun in solitary confinement and possibly beatings. Gu has been suspended without pay and the company is internally investigating the Central Security Division.

But I guess we do not care as long as we could text things like this blog post using iPhones. I think John Biggs article is a good read for everyone.

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