Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DAHDI Linux 2.2.0 and DAHDI Tools 2.2.0 Released By Asterisk Dev Team

DAHDI Linux 2.2.0 and DAHDI Tools 2.2.0

Update: Please check DAHDI Linux and DAHDI Tools on download server.

New version of DAHDI (Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) and DAHDI-Tools have been released by Asterisk Dev Team. DAHDI was also know as Zaptel drivers earlier.

DAHDI 2.2.0 is the kernel modules for DAHDI and the required userspace tools are provided in the package dahdi-tools 2.2.0.

1. Supported Hardware

1.1. Digital Cards

  • wct4xxp:

    • Digium TE205P/TE207P/TE210P/TE212P: PCI dual-port T1/E1/J1

    • Digium TE405P/TE407P/TE410P/TE412P: PCI quad-port T1/E1/J1

    • Digium TE220: PCI-Express dual-port T1/E1/J1

    • Digium TE420: PCI-Express quad-port T1/E1/J1

  • wcte12xp:

    • Digium TE120P: PCI single-port T1/E1/J1

    • Digium TE121: PCI-Express single-port T1/E1/J1

    • Digium TE122: PCI single-port T1/E1/J1

  • wcte11xp:

    • Digium TE110P: PCI single-port T1/E1/J1

  • wct1xxp:

    • Digium T100P: PCI single-port T1

    • Digium E100P: PCI single-port E1

  • wcb4xxp:

    • Digium B410: PCI quad-port BRI

  • tor2: Tormenta quad-span T1/E1 card from the Zapata Telephony project

1.2. Analog Cards

  • wctdm24xxp:

    • Digium TDM2400P/AEX2400: up to 24 analog ports

    • Digium TDM800P/AEX800: up to 8 analog ports

    • Digium TDM410P/AEX410: up to 4 analog ports

  • wctdm:

    • Digium TDM400P: up to 4 analog ports

  • xpp: Xorcom Astribank: a USB connected unit of up to 32 ports (including the digital BRI and E1/T1 modules)

  • wcfxo: X100P, similar and clones. A simple single-port FXO card

1.3. Other Drivers

  • pciradio: Zapata Telephony PCI Quad Radio Interface

  • wctc4xxp: Digium hardware transcoder cards (also need dahdi_transcode)

  • dahdi_dynamic_eth: TDM over Ethernet (TDMoE) driver. Requires dahdi_dynamic

  • dahdi_dynamic_loc: Mirror a local span. Requires dahdi_dynamic

  • dahdi_dummy: A dummy driver that only provides a DAHDI timing source.

Both the packages are available from Asterisk download servers at .


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