Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SNAP! Latest Apple Joke, Jailbroken iPhones Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

Update: Visit Free Your Phone (EFF). In January 2009, 8,200 people signed EFF's letter to the Copyright Office seeking protection for phone related innovations. Keep an eye on to find out what happens next.

Freeing your iPhone
After becoming an AT&T bootlicker and banning Google Voice App (Perhaps it is anotherway of Apples control of threats to AT&T business), Apple now trying to be a national security advisor or member of comedy central. It is not clear which it really is.
In answering EFFs efforts to open up iPhone from Apple's monopoly clutches, and run software that people feel they need to run, like Google Voice App, Apple has told government(PDF) that jailbroken iPhones could crash cell towers. Well I guess government will have to ban all other phones now.
“a local or international hacker could potentially initiate commands (such as a denial of service attack) that could crash the tower software, rendering the tower entirely inoperable to process calls or transmit data,” Apple wrote the government. “Taking control of the BBP software would be much the equivalent of getting inside the firewall of a corporate computer — to potentially catastrophic result.
If that is not enough, drug dealers could use this to make anonymous calls using jailbroken iPhones.
( [E]ach iPhone contains a unique Exclusive Chip Identification, (ECID) number that identifies the phone to the cell tower. With access to the BBP via jailbreaking, hackers may be able to change the ECID, which in turn can enable phone calls to be made anonymously (this would be desirable to drug dealers, for example) or charges for the calls to be avoided.). Paranoia

Then again the security Apple seeking is a moot as taking the view of Apple not being able to mange the applications very well, like banned apps getting on the App store, like the Phone Porn apps. Those bad people could design apps that damage cell towers and pretend they are porn apps get in the app store. So government has to ban iPhone as well. On the other hand the danger is already there for iPhones as there are literally millions of Jailbroken iPhones and independent iPhone app stores. May be the Government should ban iPhone first.
Apple, you will do well at comedy central! I guess.
Via Wired


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