Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digium, Asterisk, SIP, Telematrix and Loquendo On A Winning Path!

Multilingual Asterisk.
I was reading an article by the VarGuy and taking into account the latest moves by Digium and it's alliances, a several light bulbs went on my head.
Digium, the Asterisk company has made alliances with TeleMatrix, (SIP and DECT SIP telephone solutions) Loquendo (speech recognition and speech synthesis) and it seems some wise people at Digium is doing the right thing for the Asterisk and basically for all of us.
The VarGuy focuses on hotel industry and what the Digium, Asterisk, Telematrix and Loquendo combination could do to wake up the industry. Telematrix is not a stranger to anyone who is involved in hospitality industry and people who stays in hotels like Best Western, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott, (the Varguy has the whole list, I just stated what is familiar to me). So it is up to Asterisk community to get together and approach these oppertunities with right solutions.

I travel extensively and eventhough I can get away with most international situations (I mange to converse in about six languages, all bad just like my English :) there have been many a time that I wished for assistance in the verbal communications department.
The Loquendo deal will let us customize and adopt Asterisk into many languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian. Even though it will not provide me the wisdom to speak to my Mongolian Hotel Manager in his language, might make it easier for me to dial into the hotels phone system and make my booking or reservation.
Varguy says he is going to some work at the Astricon, and I am looking forward to read his thoughts.
The Varguy, (Digium Asterisk: A New Wakeup Call for Hotels?)


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