Friday, March 13, 2009

Upgrading To Google Voice

Craig Walker (If you are a GrandCentral user, you know him, he is on your contact list!) has another post on tips in upgrading GrandCentral Google Voice.
My own account says "Your account is not yet ready to be upgraded. Please check back shortly. " and was provided with a link to Craigs blog post.
But when all good and my account is ready to be upgtaded, an "UPGRADE" button will appear in the same space. When you push the button, all the new features like Voice transcription , SMS, conference calling, cheap international calling, Goog411 integration, made available to you.
Craig also states that new voicemail and SMS will arrive in my inbox at Google Voice. You will also be able to get old vocemail messages at GrandCentral. I just cleaned up my voicemail and call logs.
I wonder if I can forward them to my GMail account? That will be trully great as I have my GMail account on my iPhone.
UPDATE: Yes I can get email notifications, according to the video below.

The post also tell you after you upgrade to Google Voice;
1. Re-record your voicemail greeting
2. Re-record your user name (callers hear this the first time they call you if Screening is on) 3. Select any custom settings you want (display caller ID, screening on/off, etc.)
Good luck with new Google Voice account! (I am waiting)

Google Voice Blog: Tips on upgrading


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