Monday, March 09, 2009

iPhone GPS, At Its Finest, XRoads G-Maps Gives Turn By Turn Insreuctions For Your Travelling Pleasure.
I am a GPS buff and I have numerous GPS devices around in my office, home and the University. My choice of a Digital SLR was too controlled by having a GPS integrated. Long before most people knew what a GPS, I was involved in Mapping the world!
So it is no wonder my iPhone has quite a few GPS and Mapping programs. So when I heard about turn by turn navigation application, XRoads G-Maps, I was interested and after reading all the reviews and watching videos like the above, I am sure I would like to have it on my iPhone and I will. Once I get it and if I really like it, I will write more about it.
Until then here is the Xroads G-Map product site and a video.


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