Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Digium Updates AA50 Software (AA50 Version 1.3)

Digium announced that it released the version 1.3 of the AA50 (Asterisk Appliance) software and is available for download at the business edition portal. (One need to be registered to access the portal and if you have not registered yet it could be done at the Digium Registration site.)
There are many improvements and bug fixes included in this release. More info and installation instructions could be found at This Digim Blog Post

Additional New Features:

  • Registration tool support for registering g729 licenses has been added to the GUI.
  • Ability to upgrade Polycom firmware through GUI.
  • Added the ability to assign multiple line keys to a user on a Polycom phone.
  • Added digit mapping option for Polycom phones.
  • Added Backup Options - A check box has been added in the AA50 GUI. Backups now have the option of including voicemails and custom prompts.
  • Added ssmtp authentication option for emailing voicemails.
  • Added the ability to view DHCP assignments\leases in the GUI, to assist administrators with managing phones, etc.
  • Added the ‘tcpdump’ utility, accessible via the CLI.
  • Added DTMF Detection via Features.configuration.


  • Added the ability to select format in which to record custom prompts.
  • Parked calls and conference calls are displayed on the “System Status” page of the GUI.
  • Added an ‘Update Timezones’ button to the GUI


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