Friday, May 14, 2010

OpenSIPS will Be At SIPit 26, To Test Interoperability.

SIPit 26
The SIPit, or Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Test, is a week long event held to assist people and companies involved in SIP implementations to ensure they work well with each other.
OpenSIPS project will be there on May 17-21 to perform tests on IPv6, presence integration and presence aggregation and B2BUA functionality of OpenSIPS.
SIPit 26 will be held in Kista - the telecom valley outside Stockholm, Sweden on May 17-21, and will be hosted by Edvina and TANDBERG and sponsored by Ingate, Intertex and .se.
I will not be attending SIPit this year.

Register at SIPit at EDVINA


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