Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Apple Trying To Dodge Antitrust Probe

Apple Antitrust probe http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Media is reporting that Apple is trying to dodge the antitrust probe by making amenments to it's developer policies it seems. The early indications showed that the probe was centered around Apple Adobe saga but now it seem to include iADs, the Apple's own advertising progrem. Just like prohibiting users from using third party tools like Adobe flash.
Apple also restricted users from sharing the user data with third parties, which is crucial in attracting advertisers based on demographics of the users of the app or the game.
Initial news came from New York Post about the probe involving the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission.The news about iAds, Apple's new mobile advertising platform for iPhone, iPod and iPad applications.The Wall Street Journal thinking that iAd, is reportedly under scrutiny after recent changes to Apple's developer agreement, preventing users from sharing the data with third parties, practically blocking any third party advertising.



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