Friday, May 21, 2010

Google Click-to-call Advertising For Mobile Content And Apps

Google is planing to go places with Mobile world. Among other things that happened at Google I/O, Google Advertising also announced about Click-To-Call-Advertising being also available to mobile content and apps on the Google Content Network, GCN.
Click-to-call ads for mobile content will be visible as animated banner text ads with a call button on mobile devices with full Internet browsers, as seen above.
Having a phone number to call, will prompt consumers to take action then and there rather than waiting for later. With many people adding mobile internet to their lives, everyday, it will be an opportunity for mobile advertisers to grab customers off the road, literally.
Google also demonstrated new expandable ad units that display videos or images on content and apps on mobile devices with full Internet browsers. These expandable ad units offer you more real estate within the content or app your customers were viewing or using. Once a user click to play a video, it will play on their device’s native video player or YouTube app. Whatever the method, once they finish watching the video, they will be back at exactly where they left off on their mobile site or app.

Go Mobile! Series: Introducing click-to-call ads for mobile content and apps - Inside AdWords


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