Saturday, May 08, 2010

FCC Allows Film Studios To Block Your Analog Ports! Breaks Millions Of TVs

MPAA Gets the rights to block your Analog ports, Selectable Output Control
Looks like anothe home invasion by the likes of MPAA. According to the FCC grant the film industry now can block outputs without copyright control, on home entertainment equipment so studios can offer new movies while preventing viewers from making illicit copies.
So what is the big deal with this? For starters If you:

  • Use a TiVo, any Slingbox, or a TV manufactured before 2004
  • Connect your TV to your cable box with analog cables (either component or composite)
  • Have a TV without a digital connection, such as HDMI
you will likely have to replace much if not all of your existing entertainment system to watch these movies. 

MPAA which is tickled bad by dropping DVD sales (and too expensive BlueRay disks) due to people renting from the likes of NetFlix. Now they want to send you movies over the cable but wants to block you from copying them.

Public Knowledge, a Washington, DC-based public interest advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the public interest in access to information, said this "will allow the big firms for the first time to take control of a consumer’s TV set or set-top box, blocking viewing of a TV program or motion picture,"
The Washington-based MPAA represents Paramount Pictures, Sony’s film unit, News Corp.’s Twentieth Century Fox, General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal, Walt Disney Co. and Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. Pictures.
Read more at  Public Knowledge


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