Thursday, May 06, 2010

What It Takes To Make iPads At Apple

Make iPads At Apple
Fake or not, working for Apple might be a good thing. FSJ says that those made iPads had to work on a machine that was inside a sealed metal box, so you couldn’t actually see what you were doing. The box itself was chained to a desk, which was bolted to the floor in a windowless, lead-sealed concrete bunker. And the workers were chained to that same desk by their ankles.  A Jonny Ive  designed Chamber pot was around for those who needed it
They also seem to have personal email read, phone calls monitored, children followed to school and interrogated to see if Mom or Dad had been talking about work.
It’s not easy to work at Apple.
Hello Google can I work on Android?  Perhaps you can ask this Steve Jobs.


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