Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Google Mail Via gmail.com or googlemail.com, The Choice Is Yours! Britishers!!

Googlemail.com <> GMail.com http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
For years UK users could only use GMail by using an googlemail.com address. But the ability to use the shorter and more appropriate moniker, gmail.com.

If you already have a Google email account in the UK, you'll soon have the option to switch your existing @googlemail.com address to the matching @gmail.com one, but you're also free to stick with @googlemail.com. And starting later this week, anybody who signs up for a new account in the UK will get an @gmail.com address. Since "gmail" is 50% fewer characters than "googlemail," we estimate this name change will save approximately 60 million keystrokes a day. At about 217 microjoules per keystroke, that's about the energy of 20 bonbons saved every day!
Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK - Official Gmail Blog


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