Thursday, August 07, 2008

OpenSIPS At SIPIT and My Loyalty!

Solarion seems to be head over heals with OpenSIPS but after digging deep into the story behind OpenSIPS, I tend to siding with Solarion. Like Solarion, I also got my SIP feet wet with SER. Even though stiff and don't feel like at home was all around IPTel, We hung around because there were not many other resources providing SIP down to nuts and bolts SER did.
So When OpenSER came out with new development and management philisophy, I was over the wall! I started converting all my SER servers (quite a few) in to OpenSER servers. Even while doing so I could not belive the version numbers climbing up. I was so used to SER being stuck on version 0.7 I think, I had a party when OpenSER reached version 1.0. Because I knew then SER was history stuck is version 0.9.
Now the tables have turned and for what ever the politics or other reasons, OpenSER has been forked and two new entities, OpenSIPS and Kamailio (I feel good now as I thought I was bad at picking names!).
If you have noticed, I still have a link to SER, on the links on the right. I guess it will be there for giving me first real taste of SIP. But otherwise, I have moved on. And like the Solarion, I am leaning towards OpenSIPS and I will be playing with OpenSIPS 1.4 this weekend. May be Kamailio afterwards.

But I know where I will see OpenSIPS. as they have promised to be at SIPIT, so will I. I will see my Mom and then drive to Lannion as I have not done this great past time I learned in the USA, Driving long distances! Yes I know it is expensive and environmentally incorrect, but like Mr. Gore, I pay for my Carbon foot print else where in the world, I have done so even befor being green became the buzz word of the century.

So I picked up the following information from OpenSIPS site;


OpenSIPS project is registered to participate the 23th edition of SIPIT - SIP Interoperability Test event in Lannion, France, October 13-17, 2008.
Compliance and interoperability are essential parts of project testing and participating to such large testing events is a natural step in the QA process.

If there are people interesting in being part of the OpenSIPS test team, please let us know (via the users mailing list).


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