Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Phonewars, iPhone - Droid Face Off In Ringtone Mixes

iPhone vs Droid Ringtone Mixes snapvoip.blogspot.com
For what ever the reason, some people think iPhone is better and on the other camp, even more people think the Droid is better. I would have joined the former camp inly if the the chosen carrier had it's antennae up! But more and more, the Droids and siblings like Google phone are proving to be a capable bunch. But then we knew that already when we said "Google Phone Coming Soon"
We wrote about the droid vs iPhone before but those were technical not musical and Indaba Music has stepped into make song and dance of the phonewars. Go join the crowd to mix music and create ringtones. I loved the creations so far but there will be much more and there certainly will be popularity wars for ringtones themselves. link after the jum.

In lieu of a light saber battle to the death, we present… a battle of the ringtones. To participate, choose your weapon - either the iPhone audio OR the Droid audio. If you don't have either phone, choose the one whose audio samples you prefer. Create an original ringtone using (or covering) at least one audio sample from your chosen phone’s audio files. Make sure to put the name of the phone in the title of your submission. The winning phone will be the phone whose ringtones get the most votes!

Indaba Music


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