Friday, December 04, 2009

Apple Buys LaLa, A Music Startup.

LaLa bought by Apple.
When I learned about LaLa when Google introduced music search, I did not pay much attention. But when LaLa appeared in Google Chrome OS, I did. But as I did not pay much attention to online music, I let it pass.
But today I read that Apple has entered into agreement to buy LaLa, perhaps to offer users some kind of streaming music. Perhaps Streaming iTunes
LaLa allows you to store your music in the cloud and listen to them from anywhere via a PC, smartphone or other Web-connected mobile device. Apple is in music business with it's iTunes and other things "i".
According to NYT, LaLa began as a CD-swapping service in 2006 which let users make copies of their collections in the cloud, but had to stop when the music industry objected. Last year, they changed the operational model by letting customers either buy and download a song for 79 and 89 cents, or pay 10 cents for the rights to stream that song an unlimited number of times from the Web.
When asked Apple;

“buys smaller technology companies all the time, and we generally do not comment on our purpose or plans.”said an Apple spokes person.


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