Thursday, December 03, 2009

VoIP over WiMAX With Seamless 4G Multi-Access Network Handoff Demoed

VoIP over WiMAX
HelloSoft and Beceem have announced the availability of HelloSoft's industry leading VoIP solution with seamless 4G multi-access network handoff, enabling phones, MID's and other devices to be "supercharged" with 4G data capability and VoIP calls that are seamlessly handed off between multi-access networks. The solution is available for Android, Linux and Windows Mobile platforms and enables the next generation of mobile devices, not just phones, to provide high quality wide band VoIP calls over WiMAX which can be handed off between IP bearer networks to provide ubiquitous coverage regardless of access technology.

"One of the keys to successful deployment of next generation 4G VoIP and multimedia services is providing the end user with ubiquitous coverage, and HelloSoft has worked closely with Beceem to develop unique highly optimized seamless handoff technology that enables VoIP and other multimedia services to be seamlessly handed off using Beceem's industry leading BCM250 WiMAX chipset between 4G WiMAX and other multi-access network IP bearers, thus providing the end user with roaming coverage as 4G WiMAX is being rapidly built-out." said Allan Johnson, VP Marketing and Business Development for Hellosoft.
Lars Johnsson, VP Marketing and Business Development at Beceem, also mentioned;
"Beceem has done extensive development with Hellosoft in optimizing VoIP and other multimedia applications over WiMAX, especially to optimize them during hand-off at high speeds and to maximize transport efficiency while maintaining highest call quality. In addition we have worked together to enable hand-over in multi-access networks by also optimizing radio coexistence. This will enable a wide range of next generation 4G WiMAX devices to utilize our 4G WiMAX chips in combination with HelloSoft's award winning VoIP and convergence solutions to seamlessly roam between different networks."
The deployment of mobile VoIP over WiMAX marks a very significant inflection point in the rapidly growing number of WiMAX network deployments world wide. WiMAX has built-in QoS capabilities that make it very well suited for delivering much higher quality wide band VoIP calls with very low delivery costs relative to the existing 2G and 3G cellular networks. The impact of this on the telecommunications industry will be profound and it is creating many opportunities for new service providers to enter market spaces that were previously exclusively provided by cellular carriers. In addition the bandwidth of the WiMAX networks enables a new generation of multimedia applications that will change the way phones and devices are used by consumers, continued, HelloSoft's Johnson.


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