Friday, December 11, 2009

WolframAlpha iPhone App Price Reduced For Holidays.

WolframAlpha iPhone App

When we reported about the WolframAlpha for iPhone, we neglected to point out about the some what higher price. The $50 price may have kept people away from using the palm sized super computer, even us, who are ardent Mathematica users resorted to the web version.
For those who were put away by the price now can save more than 50% now by getting the app for $19.99. But Wolfram says it is only for a short time and at the price will go backup to regular price in the new year.
The app is available at the App Store.
Other than solving complex mathematical problems, you can also solve problems like;
  • Eggnog turns out to be quite the guilty pleasure
  • What the heck is frankincense, anyway?
  • Did you know that Santa had a brief flash of popularity as a proper name?
  • Koch snowflakes prove that the holidays can be pretty geeky after all.
  • Where exactly are Santa Claus, the North Pole, and Christmas?
  • Ever wonder about the taxonomy of the reindeer?
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