Monday, December 28, 2009

Put Asterisk On Steroids, Get Elastix!

Elastix Project
We all know about Asterisk and totally grateful for the Digium and the Asterisk community but it is not the easiest system to setup and configure. There have been countless attempts make the deployment of Asterisk easier but one such system, "Elastix" stands out.
Elastix has a great following and the community is very active. Elastix makes it possible to install Asterisk in few minutes and get it running. But that is not all because Elastix includes other related open source projects such as  FreePBX, Postfix, Hylafax, and Openfire and  email, fax, and Jabber instant messaging becomes part of the communications solution for a small business or a solo office.
But the main reason I wrote this is to point you to an article on blog, where Elastix is hosted. Getting published on the Sourceforge blog is it self a feat as not all 230000 projects get featured on the blog, which is very selective and reserved for the best.
So head over to sourceforge to find out why Elastix put Asterisk on steroids.

Sourceforge Blog


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