Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google To Address DNS Woes With Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS
If you ever wondered how you get about on the web, yes it is similar to our mailman or mailwoman gets around, with a set of well defined addresses.
But matching these address to your or another ones name takes some sorting at the post offices across the world.
So that is what is happening with web address as well but in this case the multitude of DNS servers across the world do the address translation.
So when you type — actually the DNS translates this into the unique Internet Protocol (IP) numbers — e.g., and takes your browser and you there. This applies to your every task on the net that needs name and IP Address mapping.
But as we translate these address' all day along sometimes they lag behind and we get frustrated with network performance.
So Google has stepped in to provide assistance with Google Public DNS.
If you're web-savvy and comfortable with changing your network settings, check out the Google Code Blog for detailed instructions and more information on how to set up Google Public DNS on your computer or router.

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Public DNS



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