Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mark The Spot (Not Your Dog, You With Your iPhone)

AT&T Network Troubles
Just yesterday, I was talking to a bunch of my friends about iPhone, network and AT&T, and many had one answer, "if Verizon gets iPhone, I will jump ship!". Those Verizon map ads seem to work!
But AT&T too must be getting the message because it has found a way to let users report about the network (Something that they already know, or could ask from Verizon! :). AT&T has released a free app, "AT&T Mark the Spot", a free application which requires iPhone OS version 3.0 or later, that allows you to report the status of the network to AT&T. But I would like to know what they would do with the data? could we too be able to see them? I doubt.
Even though the name suggests something my dog do, I guess will mark the spot, hoping it will improve. For me, after dropping a call or not being able to make a call, the last thing I want sending some data to AT&T that it already has. (Perhaps thay want to show that they are working on it with this app!).
Only thing comes to my mind is count the days of my contract.
PS Mr. Wilsons ad did nothing to change my mind, use that money to add towers!


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