Thursday, September 01, 2011

LodSys Targets More Android Developers, Adds A BlackBerry Developer As Well.

LodSys targets more Android Developers,
Likes of LodSys, known as NPE, non practicing entity or more commonly as a patent troll has sent out more notices to Android developers and this time have added a BlackBerry developer as well. Perhaps they thought with all the trouble RIM is in, they might not jump in like Apple and Google did to defend their developers. Even Novel went against LodSys.
But even the Google's invalidation request or Lodsys patent reexamination request and Apple's intervention on bealf of it's developers against LodSys are yet to bring any results. To be fair, Apple has done more for it's developers than Google. We have not come across any such information, if Google answered any of the developers questions regarding LodSys letters.
But there are people who want to help, EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation is going to hold a LodSysed BootCamp, to explain to all those developers, how deep the waters they are in and how not to drawn.
Patent Trolls suck but one need to follow the law! We are thinking of instead of developing apps, go patent some stupid things and sue everyone or sell those patents!
Read more about the letters at FOSS Patents who says that he is going to write less about troll like LodSys and concentrate on how big boys play!


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