Monday, September 12, 2011

Sprint's iPhone 5 Will Have Unlimited Data!

Sprint's iPhone 5
According to a report on Bloomberg, Spring may have a leg up on both AT&T and Verizon when the Apple's latest smartphone, iPhone 5 comes to the market, Sprint's unlimited data plan!
Currently Sprint is the only US carrier to provide non capped, non throttled unlimited data plans in the US mobile market. Most iPhone users (and other smart phone users) were taken aback by initial AT&T' declaration of the end of AT&T's Unlimited data plan and the subsequent Verizon's follow up with no unlimited data on Verizon's network.
I still have an unlimited data plan with At&T and with new improvements to it's network in the bay area, I am concidering staying with AT&T but without extending my contract. I might buy an iPhone 5 when it comes out (if I am not tempted by Nexus Prime or an Atrix :) but if AT&T touches my unlimited plan, I will be leaving AT&T like a bat out of hell, straight in to Sprint's arms.
Even though Sprint charges $99.99 for it's unlimited plan, it will still be cheaper for active and bigger users of smartphones, like me.
One of the people who I spoke recently mentioned that his limit on AT&T reached after using his iPhone as a GPS during a recent trip!. One thing we use our phones is the GPS capabilities, to find restaurants, spa's, specialist stores or just a way to beat traffic. So people who are signing up for new accounts need to take their data usages in to accounts and Sprint's Unlimited data seem very attractive.
Hopefully Sprint knows that too and will use it for it's advantage and over come the 15 quarter losing streak.


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