Thursday, September 01, 2011

EFF To Educate Developers : Patent Trolls and You : Virtual Boot Camp for App Developers

Patent Trolls and You: EFF Virtual Boot Camp for App Developers
We have seen heard and witnessed how patent trolls like LodSys are going against App developers, iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS.
But even being so interested in the subject, we do not know what to do if we are to recieve a letter from LodSys or another patent troll. So we were triple happy to hear about the EFF Boot Camp geared to educate App developers. Meanwhile big boys like Best Buy, CVS, and the New York Times Company are fighting Lodsys in court and trying to invalidate LodSys patents which could take years to complete and it could still be in either direction.
All those questions that have been burning inside our brains;

""Are you an app developer? Have you been targeted by Lodsys? Do you wonder what Apple’s Motion to Intervene means? How about Google’s Notice of Reexamination? Will the situation change because Lodsys sued large app developers like EA and Rovio, too? What are the elements of a patent license?"
Unfortunately, EFF cannot represent all of the app developers affected by Lodsys. But we can help answer some of your questions! So please join on us September 9 at 12:00 pm PST to talk with a distinguished panel of law professors and patent attorneys who will walk us through the basics of patent litigation. We’ll be streaming the panel live and taking your questions via twitter and email. If you’d like to join us, please email and include your name, email address, professional affiliation, and let us know if you’ve already heard from Lodsys. In the meantime, continue to watch this space for more details. We look forward to hearing from you on September 9!"
Follow this link to learn about EFF's Bootcamp on LodSysed App Developers.


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