Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flick Your Virtual Business Card With CardFlick

CardFlick Flick your contacts!
Another product that attracted attention at the Techcrunch Disrupt, among many other, was this Cardflick that we have been planing to write about.
Cardflick is a social app that lets you create a business card to your liking, from a large cache of templates or themes. Once you have created the business card, the fun comes. You can flick the card upwards to share it with people nearby and have the Cardflick app installed. Once the card appear on your screen, swipe it in the right, the right direction, to keep the card. If it is from someone you don't know or do not want to keep the card, swipe it to the left and the card will disappear in to the ether.

You also can share your business card with people who does not have the app via email and the email include your contact information in Vcard format so that it can be easily imported into a device’s contact list
The cards can be accessed via your contacts on the phone. The cards are kept updated and any changes you make to the card will be reflected on the cards on your contacts have via syncing built in to the app.
The webapp and the iOS app is ready and running and an Android beta is on the way. You can find all the information at CardFlick. By the way if you were flicked by their requirement that you sign in via facebook, that requirement is gone now and you can sign in with a username and password so flick right back.


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