Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Amazon Delivery Locker System At 7-11 Discovered

Amazon Delivery Locker System http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
If you ever had to deal with UPS, FedEx or your local Postal deliveries about your package, the Amazon purchase, not being dropped at right time, or having to collect at the respective package delivery service's office (which are just next to Timbuktu) because you could not be home on right time, now you can have your Amazon deliveries sent to your local 7-11 and pick it up at your convenience, 
Once a purchase is made and the delivery method is selected, Amazon will send you an email with a barcode that you could use at the storage systems kiosk to scan and obtain a pin code to open the locker containing your package.
The photo above is from a 7-11 store in Seattle which is slated to be activated on Friday.
You can read more and see more photos at Geekwire.


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