Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle Fire Is Not A Tablet, It Is A Service! Bezos.

Kindle Fire Is Not A Tablet
Looks like it is, after getting some specs on the Amazon Kindle Fire, it looks like it is an enhanced e-reader rather than a tablet. So Apple can still breath a relief and I feel that the Amazon Kindle fire 2 rumor, more convincing.
Kindle fire does not have High MP cameras or 3G but it has dual core processor and a 7" IPS screen. Of course it comes with free Amazon Cloud storage and unlike Apple iPads, you can sync, whispersync, without cables! :) . Bezo's words, not mine.
But at $199 there is not much to complain when you look at the services Amazon offers, Music, Movies and Books. Also do not forget Amazon's own Android Appstore!
Going over the Kindle Fire, it's 7-inch 16-million color IPS display with a wide viewing angle and better color saturation. The display is protected by Gorilla glass, just like my Asus EEE Pad Transformer. The resolution is much denser than that of iPad. iPad has 132 pixels per inch and Kindle Fire packs 169 pixels per inch.
It has 8 Gigabytes of memory but don't fret over it too much. Unlike on other tablets, including iPad, this 8GB is a holding cell for Amazon's massive cloud. Like it can cache apps and services you use most, the rest will stay on the cloud until needed. Just think of Kindle Fire having limitless (as much as Amazon cloud storage) storage.
As we mentioned above, Kindle Fire is powered by a dual core CPU and Wi-Fi is the connectivity medium. All syncing is done via Whispersync, invisibly, in the background via wireless connection. Switching viewing options is also a breeze. You can finish watching at home, on TV, the movie you started watching during your lunch break at the office.


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