Monday, September 12, 2011

Android Tablet, Arnova 10 G2 Based News Papers From Philadelphia!

Android Tablet, Anova 10 G2 Based News Papers
News paper business has been fighting a losing battle lately but there are many news papers yet to find a way to emerge from the information overload see that we all are swimming in.
But two news papers in Philadelphia has managed to do something different and present their news media on an Android based tablet for a subscription fee.

Philadelphia Media Network, owner of The Inquirer, Daily News and, will offer up to 5,000 Arnova 10 G2 tablet computers for sale starting Tuesday for as little as $99 to customers who agree to purchase discount subscriptions to three apps developed for the newly released Android tablet
PMN is offering the Arnova on two contract tiers: those who want read the Inquirer and the Daily News for two years play $99 for the tablet, and a $10/mo subscription fee. People who would rather keep their contract terms as short as possible can ink a one year deal for $13/mo, and pay $129 for the tab. The total outlay comes out to $339 on a two year term, and $285 on a one year, so please Philadelphia — just get the one year subscription
It certainly is novell
Philly via Techcrunch


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