Thursday, September 22, 2011

Neustar May Bring Texting To And From Without A Cell Phone, From Any Digital Communication Device.

Texting from Any device

Looks like we all are hooked to Texting and can't do without it. It may have been the same reason that AT&T raised the fee for texting almost double. Phone companies do not spend money to provide you with texting and the SMS rides on the communication channel that checks the connectivity with the cell phone towers. But AT&T and other carriers charge you for texting, making a killing on people's addiction to texting.

But that monopoly capability of carriers may come to an end, may be not end but make a dent due to a new discovery. IEEE is reporting that one company has found a way to send text (SMS) from any device to any device, providing they are capable of typing the message and displaying the same. The company is Neustar, the official administrator of the North American Numbering Plan. That is heavy as it can come. Neustar keeps track of 1.8 billion phone numbers around the world and 2.8 billion IP addresses and they are ever increasing, I meant the numbers.
Neustar, is about to free texting from the confinements of cellphones that carriers stick in your face most of the time and let us text ((SMS) to and from a capable device as we mentioned.
IEEE Spectrum interviewed Neustar's vice president of marketing for carrier services, Jean Foster.
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