Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wireless Charging iPad 2 With "AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2".

"AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2".

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. in cooperation with Murata has introduced the "AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2" which uses Murata's wireless power transmission modules.
AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2 comes with "Energy Cover" jacket for iPad 2 and a "Energy Stand" which is the powerbase. Users just place the jacket equipped iPad2 on the stand and the iPad 2 get charged. Users can continue to use the device while it is being charged.
Tine to charge the iPad 2 is the same as wired charge, about 3 hours for full charge.
The Energy Cover jacket also has a mini USB connector which could be used with computer to sync with a iTunes.
Hitachi site (Google translation)


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