Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iOS 5, iCloud May Come On Oct 10, Followed By iPhone 5!

iOS 5, iCloud May Come On Oct 10 http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Continuing on with iPhone 5 rumors, the latest is that it will come a few days after October 10. This is based on some information that AppleCare personnel revealed about increased call volume on and around October 10. We can also expect iCloud to be released with iOS 5.
Traditionally Apple released the iOS or iPhone software, then a few days prior to the new device release;

In 2009, Apple publicly released version 3.0 of what was then known as "iPhone Software" on Wednesday, June 17 -- two days before the iPhone 3GS went on sale. And last year, iOS 4 became available on Monday, June 21, before the Thursday launch of the iPhone 4.

So logically, if the increased call volume to AppleCare leads to iOS 5 release to public on October 10, then the iPhone 5 will follow after a few days. If we are to believe a French Carrier, iPhone 5 will be on the shelves, on October 15th!
iOS 5 was released to developers a while ago and jailbroken iOS 5 is already in the ether.
We will wait!
Via AppleInsider


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