Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NFC + EverNote = Touchnote, An Android App

NFC + EverNote = Touchnote http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
We all know many Android phones have NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities built in. There are many uses for it like paying for your train ticket, pay at any counter, exchange your patient record to name a few. Think of Google Wallet
Now you can add note taking to the long list of NFC capabilities and NFC enabled apps, thanks to Touchnote, an Android app from the Montreal-based startup Wiseleap, the app took home the $50,000 grand prize at Evernote’s recent developer conference in San Francisco.

The app allows you to pull out Evernote notes just by waving or tapping your Android Device, Adevice, near a tag (NFC Sticker) provided by Wiseleap. You also need the mobile app.
Best use for this app would be (for Me) to have a tags on my notice board, bulletin board and/or desk called by various meetings I need to attend.
Wave the Android Tablet or the phone by one of these tags and I will know exactly what is needed to carry to the meeting, what is needed to be done at the meeting etc.
For Moms, or for that matter Dads, can have a tag on the fridge associated with shopping list, wave the phone by it, modify the shopping list by opening the fridge or by looking around the kitchen and can be on the way for a perfect shopping experience.
You can get both the app and tags from Wiseleap and make sure you have a phone with NFC enabled, like Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S II. You will be the king of note taking.
Now where did I put those tags?


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