Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Get Even Closer To Near Field Communications With Android 2.3.3. SDK

Android 2.3.3
Android Developer team has released Android 2.3.3, a small feature release that brings a new API level, 10. Most devices running Android 2.3 which was released recently might get updated to the new version. You can find more information on API cahnges on the Android 2.3.3 Version Notes.

What is notable is the Near Field Communications or NFC. As I have mentioned before, when ever I am in Japan, I can leave my wallet behind and carry a single credit card, 'cos we pay for everything with the phone, except when we go to a restaurant of by big cost items in a upper scale shop. That is because almost every phone in Japan in equipped with NFC and everything else is able, from ticket booths in the train stations to vending machines, to read the phone.
But that is what is possible with the new API and the Android 2.3.3. The new capabilities include;

  • A comprehensive NFC reader/writer API that lets apps read and write to almost any standard NFC tag in use today.
  • Advanced Intent dispatching that gives apps more control over how/when they are launched when an NFC tag comes into range.
  • Some limited support for peer-to-peer connection with other NFC devices.
So it is time for some NFC enabled Apps.  The Android 2.3.3 SDK platform for development and testing is available through the Android SDK Manager.
Oh by the way I always have a BART ticket in my pocket but all the time the magnetic strip get affected by myriad of electronic and magnetic devices that I get close to. Perhaps you can come up with a way to pay for my BART rides with my Droid!

Android Developers Blog: Android 2.3.3 Platform, New NFC Capabilities


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