Thursday, August 04, 2011

Gmail for Mobile, Get Sharper, Smoother And Shines On Retina Display

GMail for Mobile
If you are a GMail for Mobile user like I am, you will be glad to hear that GMail team has brought in some improvements and face lifts to make the handling of email messages while mobile a pleasant activity.
"Pull down to refresh" and "Release to refresh" will surely come in handy as I receive too many emails at any given time. I have no trouble handling the email stream on the desktop but it is a task on my iPhone or the Android.
The iPhone 4 users with retina display will see improved hires graphics making handling email a pleasant exercise.
In addition the GMail team has introduced transitions for the message interface. When you tap on a message or go back to the inbox, menu or go back the views will slides left or right making view switching smoother.
Visit on your mobile browser to check out the latest updates to Gmail for mobile.
Gmail for mobile, now sharper and smoother - Official Gmail Blog


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