Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ooma Outage : Cloud Failure Plus DDoS Attack

Ooma Outage : Cloud Failure Plus DDoS Attack
Dual failures, one related to a power failure at a datacenter and the other a pure DDoS attack on Ooma's corporate site, kept Ooma users without a service and without a way to look up what is the matter with the service.
Even though Ooma says it was a DDoS attack, it could be all the Ooma customers trying to access the corporate may have caused what is explained as a DDoS attack. For phone company, actually a VoIP company a 3 hour outage might be bigger than AT&T neighbor digging out a trench cutting a cable and causing a six hour outage.. Because AT&T cable cut will be localized issue while Ooma's VoIP trouble was or will be widespread from east coast to west coast and the publicity even larger. Also every Ooma customer are on the internet and the first thing they will do is try and access Ooma site to find a solution to trouble. So simply it looks like Ooma was not ready or at least did not expect a bigger portion of their customers coming to their site.

But to have your at a data center with dubious backup power system is Ooma's fault. Having a website that is not capable to handle few thousand user rush is also a fault of Ooma. So I think Ooma should invest a bit on hosting their web site as well as VoIP servers. Scalability is the word Ooma. Because customers want continuous service, not an explanation about how the service failed.
I too did have a rush of people coming over to this humble blog, because we wrote about an earlier Ooma failure or an issue. "Ooma Phone Service Goes Down And Up" people looking for a solution for Ooma clout failure were ended up coming here.


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