Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Android Brings In More Revenue To Microsoft Than It's Own Windows Phone 7!

Android Market Dominance

The same reason (Android tablet will overtake iPads) that apple is running around like a dog with it's tail on fire, trying to thwart Android, any thing Android, tablets etc, seems to be making Microsoft much richer.
Android Smartphone market share rose to nearly 50% of worldwide mobile market (40% US Market) in Smartphone market share.
According to Forbes,

According to Horace Dediu, Microsoft sold around 1.4 million Windows Phone 7 in Q2, which brought in around $21 million from the $15 per Windows Phone 7 that it earns.

On the other hand, HTC sold 12 million Android smartphones in Q2, and as it earns around $5 per Android phone from HTC patent licensing fees, Microsoft made around $60 million. This is 3x the amount earned from its own OS from the licensing deal with HTC alone.

So dominance of Android may help Microsoft to pass $27 barrier (the price I bought my Apple a long while ago) and make the next Billion
I have no knowledge how stocks perform or acts and information here is for news and entertainment, and also to show how wise (lucky) I am even though I can't spell or write for a toffee.


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